Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Feeling In Yoga Teaching

It just because it is the happening now, I found that is hard to teach Yoga now a days.. People expect lots of variation, stunning poses every class but with no strength and foundation. They abort Pranayama (Methods to Breath)– the most important part in a Yoga session; just because it is very “boring”..

I was once suspicious of my own ability and the competency . Have been very down with this matter for quite some time. Most of the people have misunderstood the real purpose of yoga now. They have the idea that they should do more advance poses like headstand, handstand , wheel… etc…. after they had attended the class for a few months. They expect to have diffent poses every class they came. If you don teach, they feel that you are unable to accommodate their request, you are not capable and its not attractive. But 1st of all, do they know that, they dont have the muscles strength and flexibility to accomodate some poses.

Everytime, I make them do something similar like Sun Salutation to build their stength and flexibility, some breathing and asking them to be patience for themself. Encourage them to practice more frequent. Do I need to set up the “right expectation for the members for this situation?

So!! here come the compassion, patience, understanding and maturity of a Yoga Teacher to walk the way thru…

A moment thinking thru and i realised my response is my choice, my attempt to do things does not make me feel that I am better than someone else but, it help me to build my business in a way that is more satisfying for myself and be proud cos I practice Yama and Niyama while I’m teaching and sharing the Yoga experience.

I was pleased and appreciate that still have some “fans” that do agreed with me and were happy and glad to see their improvement physically, emotionally and the courage to face live changes…. Keeping up guys, you know who you are. And also prove that, the method is safe and results rpoven. They can come to Virabradasana 3, Bakasana easily and be proud of themselves.

So everywhere offer the best, treat disagreement of some and I respect to all decision made and shared. And also accept someone else that have a different perspective. That’s no “right” or “wrong” answer. This is my path, and making ways for various possibilities to work through and thank you from the bottom of my heart for walking with me.