Friday, March 12, 2010

Hamstring & Yoga Sutra

Do you know that hamstring is a group of muscle that plays the crucial role in our many daily activities, such as walking, running, jumping and controlling some movement in the trunk.

Ever ask yourself why you practice yoga?

Join our workshop to find out more!

We will have a collection of yoga asana that works on loosening of hamstring for you to feel this important group of muscle.We will also introduce Anatomy to you to help you know more on this part of our body.

After the physical workout, there will be an open discussion on Yoga Sutra as well as a sharing session that may enlighten us along our yoga practice!


感受您的腿后腱 &   < 瑜珈经典 > 研讨兼分享聚会




而后会有一个关于 < 瑜珈经典 > 的研讨兼分享聚会,籍此在瑜珈的旅途上共勉之!

Venue 地点 : Yoga Plus, Bukit Jambul

Date 日期 : 2009年3月21日 (Sunday)

Time 时间 : 9.30 am 至 11.00 am

Fees 收费 : RM15 (part of the fund will be donate to charity Association部份收入将捐赠予慈善机构)