Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yoga Trance Dance & Lasya Tandava Workshop w Delamay Devi

Yoga Trance Dance

Friday 20/5/2011 (8-930pm) @ RM45/session

Created by Shiva Rea, this is experience in the mat-less unieverse using music as a guide. We move thru space effortlessly - rolling, spiralling & flowing as one & opening to Yoga in a new way. No experience in ance necessary as we are all born knowing how to move.
Lasya Tandava workshop
Saturday 21/5/2011 (930am-12.30pm) @ RM120/session

Experience Lasya (softness) & Tandava (power) in Flow Yoga. Taking time to align with a deeper awareness in our body as we soften & open, expand & empower, creating correct foundations so we can melt into the moment & flow down the river of asana bliss!

Lasya: The gentle & graceful movements of Lasya with its feminine & fluid energy represent the soft & tender aspects of existence.
Tandava: The vigorous & powerful movements of Tandava symbolise the cosmic cycles of creation & destruction, as well as the daily rhythms of birth & death. During this workshop we explore the many layers and elements which make Yoga whole, from standing in Tadasna/ Mountain pose, which enables us to feel space and lengthening in the spine to inverting the body and standing on our hands with a calm and clear mind. Students are encouraged to draw upon their own life experiences and work with their own softness and power during this workshop.

Register & pay before 15 May 2011
Both Trance Dance & WOrkshop at RM130
Workshop only RM100.

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