Sunday, May 9, 2010


At the beginning, i wonder can i do all the poses that being seen in ?  Yes, i can. Trust, calm in mind are the most important element in Acroyoga.  The moment, we fly up we are soooo excited and unbelievable on the actions that we have done.

Thanks to the base & spotter that given us the confidence to fly. These are applicable to our daily routine. In a work place, a home. You need a base to be grounded just like your family members that run the daily house work & basic need. You need a motivator a supporter to drive your engine.

No matter what kind of style & practice you are in yoga, they sharing the same goal "Be unite with your body, mind & spisit. Be calm in your mind, trust to your companion & patience to the others. Teamwork in work place, support from the sibling & families members"