Thursday, September 13, 2012

Judy's Therapeutic Yoga Workshop


Enhancing body awareness has been described as a key element or a mechanism of action for therapeutic approaches like yoga or breath therapy. These two method often reported to be beneficial to variety of health conditions. Therapeutic Yoga is particularly effective practice for those recovery from, or living in with injury or illness. Judy Therapeutic Yoga blends restorative postures, gentle yoga and meridian point  massage , breathwork,  hands on and guided step by step techniques .

You will be get to know more on your own body  and start to appreciate your body that had been providing you the divine service all this while.

The workshop is open to all level and everybody. There are no yoga background required.

Day 1 – 5/10/12 (9am-5pm) Intro to Judy’s Therapeutic Yoga & Pranayama /Breathwork

1.         Learning the techniques for relaxation. Using props ; blocks and massage roller  to apply on the meridian point for body relaxation. Free roller will be given to all participants.

2.         We will be using spiral movement  with the combination of frontal stretch and forward bending to activate and lengthening of muscle..

3.         Pranayama/Yogic Breathing Techniques. We will be learning the diaphragmatic breathing method that generated the prana/energy from our root chakra for improving blood circulation.

This session is strongly recommended for everybody . Its most suitable for those lacking of  focus and concentration, insomnia, double chin, fatigued , short of breath, hypertension and sleep disorder.

Day 2 –  6/10/12 ( 9am-5pm) Yoga Theraphy for Stiff Neck & Shoulder

Feeling tired, constant headache are the usual symptoms that causing by stiff neck & shoulder tightness and the pain will reach to arm and upper back later.  

We will be learning the releasing , lengthens and stretches the neck , creating space in each vertebrae in the cervical spine.  With a details pictorial anatomical explanation and demo,  hands on techniques  that stretches from fingers tips , arms, shoulder , chest and upper back. And will make you understand the weaknesses and mobility   of your neck and shoulder.

This session is most suitable to peoples that always on the desk and computer. It also suitable for those having wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome), tendonitis, arthritis. Torticollis  (neck pain after sleeping),pinched nerve,  Jaw pain…. .

Day 3 – 7/10/12 (9am – 5pm) Low Back care & Knees Management

Lower back pain causing knee pain? Think of your body like a chain. When you are having the lower back pain, you should be able to link the root of the causes  to your feet. Your standing posture, tightness hamstring  which will direct the pain to the knee.

The 3rd day session linking us the knee together with the lower back and finding the solutions and rooted the problem caused.
Issues that will be discussed in the workshop are lower back strain, cartilage & arthritis , degeneration , weak abdominal and all others common back pain & knee pain issues.

* Kindly take note that these workshops suitable to everybody from housewife, yoga instructors and no yoga background required. You will be teach for techniques which will help in remedy. 

Biodata of Judy Wu

Served in Radiology Department of Cathay General Hospital from 1990-1996 Specialize in yoga anatomy and yogatherapy Yoga expert witness in Taipei court of Justice Subject matter Reviewer for the Chinese version of YOGA ANATOMY
Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
Certified yoga teacher of the Yoga Alliance Chair the pioneer therapeutic Yoga blog in Taiwan with near one million viewers
The author of Judy’s Therapeutic Yoga


Venue : Yoga Plus, Penang
Tel : 016 4583131

Cost : RM1300 (All 3 session register & paid before 10/9/12)
            RM1400 (after 10/9/12)
Single session : RM500 (not inclusive of notes)
Limit to 30 participants only. No video recording & photo taking during the workshop.

Cancellation Policy : RM50 will be charged for any cancellations 1 week prior to the workshop.

For Registration, please Serine for account number for payment.