Tuesday, June 30, 2009

See You on 2nd August 09

What a wonderful day to go thru the detoxing programe, sweet, sweat, hunger and passion. All had came into. The next day you woke up, you will feel very glad, they days is over and you will start to appreciate and love your body (after the hard process).

I would says that it surprise me and its work for me. Its normally wont get gall baldder stone discharge for the 1st round of detoxing. But i got it.However, not everybody success in this ... is depends on the body conditions. It will be hard to get the 1st good results if you have been consumed slimming products, on long term medication and have problem in digestive systems before. Hope they will get something the next day.

My husband asking me a question, why am i taking this programe, and i had been feeling great and energetic. You wouldn't know your health and conditions until the day you realise that you have to undergone a surgery or in major conditions that need to sent for overhauling. LOL ...

This is the photo of the discharge with gall baldder stone.Although is only few of it, but i'm glad. The next programe will be on 2nd August 09.. See you guys .. starts to love your body.