Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yoga For Kids

YOGA + Kids

We had commence the Yoga for Children Regular class on every Friay 7.10-8m. We also welcome chidren to drop in the class during the school holidays.
The benefits of  Yoga for Children as follows -

- developed better body awareness, self control , flexibility & legs & hands coordination.
- Stress release from endless after school activities eg: tuitions & homework
- Promote inner strength, confidence & self esteem.
- A feeling of well being and respect of others thru partner yoga.
-Love for one’s self, inside out and given the opportunity to reach out for their potential and sparkle the 
-Using interactive games and animated postures to inspire & encourage children. Kids learn about animals, nature & basic anatomy through yoga.
-Yoga games and songs, breathing exercise, relaxing story visualizations, and fun, fun yoga movements .
-Safe, fun & creative approach of teaching yoga by certified yoga instructors.

- 放松身心
- 瑜伽遊戲,歌曲,呼吸運動,安全,娛樂與創意的教學方法以及好玩瑜珈動作。通過認證瑜珈教練教學

Age : 4 –9 / 4至9岁儿童
Every Friday 7.10-8pm.