Friday, July 12, 2013

Eco Friendly Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Eco friendly Yoga Mat is made from natural raw materials such as : natural rubber, jute and cotton.   This series of yoga mat are made from non toxic and no chemical or plasiticizer. It  is also bio-degradable , therefore there is no impact to the eco system. Yoga Mat are safe and innocuous to human body and earth.

Taimat features : Smooth, stable, good grip, non-slip, wonderful support and rebounded resillence, flat on the floor without curl, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, non-glue adhesive processes. Taimat Yoga Mats have no chemical glue or adhesives, absolutely harmless to earth and human bpdies while manicuring and finished products.

Yoga Block * 55



 Global Series

 Melody - Blue

 Melody - Green

 Melody - Purple