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Workshops With Senior Iyengar Yoga Teachers - Bobby Clennell

We are very fortunate and honoured to have Bobby Cleannel, the Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher to have 4 days workshops with us in Penang. At this time of posting, we have not decided the theme for the workshops. The date will be on 27/2/2014 to 1/3/201. But will be announce the exact details and timing later. 

Some biodate and information on Bobby:
Bobby Clennell has been a direct student of B.K.S. Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar for 40 years and is a senior teacher at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York. She is the author and illustrator of two books, The Woman’s Yoga Book and Watch Me Do Yoga. Bobby’s teaching style is strong, energetic, precise and kind.
Bobby is also the creator of “Yoga Yantra”, a short animated film, based on the movements of B.K.S. Iyengar during his own yoga practice.
For more information: 


Thursday, October 3, 2013

SMART = Myofascial Release & Trigger Point Message

肌肉痠痛是現代人常見的問題,無論是何種職業,一定都曾有肌肉痠痛的經驗。在醫療發達的今天有很多治療方式可以選擇:熱敷、電療、針灸、按摩、 推拿……,症狀卻常常在治療後一段時間後又再復發。這時候很多人就會想問:有沒有什麼方式可以簡單處理自己的肌肉酸痛問題?

SMaRT肌筋膜放鬆技術是一種簡單、省時、省力、經濟,且可自己施行的肌肉痠痛處理方式,運用【Mr. Roller】綜合性肌筋膜調理工具,透過不同套件的特性操作,以正確的擺位、施壓,可達到肌肉與筋膜的放鬆效果,適合各類運動員、需要長時間坐或站的上班族、經常被肌肉痠痛所困擾的勞力工作者;專業的瑜珈老師、運動教練、體育老師、醫療人員、運動傷害防護師,「SMaRT肌筋膜放鬆技術」更是您不可或缺的專業能力之一,讓您可以教導您的個案居家使用或應用於運動訓練課程中。

並有充分的練習。所有參與課程者將獲得全套【Mr. Roller】一組,以作為教學實作、居家自我保健使
用,並將取得臺灣應用復健協會(TARA-Taiwan Applied Rehabilitation AssociationSMaRT

Mr. Roller - SMART (Self Myofascial Release Technique) like traditional stretching, is a great tool for lengthening and elongating muscles, but its benefits are especially helpful for those who often suffer from tight and fatigued muscles. Instead of simply lengthening the muscle, a foam roller massages muscles intensely, much like a massage from a massage therapist, but without the heavy cost. When used often and correctly in application of pressure on the trigger point and as myofascial released the foam roller will be a great help to avoid many sport-related injuries or muscles tightness.
Mr. Roller - SMART 's tools and rollers are great therapeutic tools and you can use it for various exercise. You will be learning self myofascial release treatment and treatment to others . You will be also taught using other tools such as massage ball and sticks for certain purposes. The workshop is best suitable to therapeutic teacher, personal trainer and yoga instructors, sports person, athletes, those having problems with tights muscles issue eg: lower back pain and frozen shoulder.

You will be given a sets of tools when you enrol for the workshop. You are encourage to attend the Myofascial Meridian Workshop as it will be partly related. Those attended the Myofascial Meridian workshop will be entitled for a further discount of RM10. A Certificate of Recognisation will be issued by Taiwan Applied Rehabilitation Association (TARA) in Taiwan.
Enrollment and confirmation by 15/10/2013 for us to arrange the equipment and issuance of Certificate.

Date : 24/11/2013 (1.30 -5pm)
Fees : RM460 (equipments included)
(Registration and payment had to be made before 15/10/2013. Certificate will be printed in Taiwan And equipment had to be shipped from Taiwan. Please provide your full "ENglish" name to be printed on certificate)

Rollers as per in the pictures will be given in the workshop.

Myofascial Meridian Workshop 瑜珈療癒研習 –肌筋膜經線

Yoga is oneness. 瑜珈是身心靈統合的練習,而我們的身體也是一個整體的殿堂。過去我們經常以個別的肌肉或部分來審視身體,而忽略了它的整體關連性。在這場研習課程中,我們將以肌筋膜經線(myofascial meridians)的概念來思考我們的瑜珈練習,並學習幫助學生利用體位法來改善身體的問題。肌筋膜如同人體的神經及循環系統一樣,是一種涵蓋整個人體的網絡,並以張力效應影響及整合全身的功能性,張力失衡便容易使身心產生問題,如高低足弓、X型腿、下背疼痛、肩頸酸痛等,多與肌筋膜的張力失衡有關。

課程中我們會介紹基本的肌筋膜概念,並從淺背線(superficial back line)、淺前線(superficial front line)、側線(lateral line)、旋線(spiral line……等幾條主要的肌筋膜經線來探討瑜珈的練習與療癒。

A myofascial meridian can be defined as a linear series of muscles/myofascial units interconnected within the fascial webbing of the body . Because each myofascial unit functions to create pulling force (the essence of muscle function is that muscles create pulling forces), a myofascial meridian acts to transfer the pulling force of one muscle to the other muscles of the meridian. Further, if a muscle is stretched, the pulling force of this stretch can also be transmitted through the meridian.Therefore, a myofascial meridian is effectively a line that transmits tension (pulling) forces throughout the body. This tension transfers sequentially from one myofascial unit of the meridian to the next. Like the concept of dominoes falling, the tension created at one end of a myofascial meridian can be transferred all the way to the other end.

In this workshop, we will be using and integrating the myofascial meridian systems into our yoga asanas practice as an therapy. Topics that we going to discuss like X-legs, lower back pain, high arch (foot) and stiff neck and shoulder.

We will be reviewing the foundational information about the myofascial system in the human body and indentifies the major myofascial meridians; Superficial back line, superficial front line, lateral line spiral line and etc.

Certificate of Attendance Will be given.

Date : 22/11/2013 – 24/11/2013 (Friday – Sunday)
Time : (22/11 Friday) 9am – 12 noon , 1.30 – 430 pm
(23/11 Sat) 10am – 1pm , 2.30-530pm
(24/11 Sun) 9am - 12 noon
Fees : RM750 RM700 (early bird before 15/10/2013)

Janus Tsai老師
Yoga Alliance瑜珈聯盟E-RYT 200, RYT 500認證導師,國際瑜珈療癒師協會成員,美國YogaFit Yoga Therapy瑜珈療癒認證教師,目前為臺灣應用復健協會及台安醫院瑜珈療癒課程主持人。

Janus老師擁有心理學及運動管理學兩項學位,於2012年取得印度Tantra Yoga高階導師認證,並有多年的體適能及運動訓練經驗,同時具有澳洲Rehab Trainer復健訓練師認證資格。他擅長由心理層面及身體運作機制來解析瑜珈的練習,重視身心靈統合性的運行,引導學生藉由心智帶領身體,透過身體來澄清心智,獲致深刻且美妙的練習經驗。


TARA SMaRT Master Trainer
TARA Slide Board Training Master Trainer
Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200, RYT 500
YogaFit Yoga Therapy Certificated Teacher
Australia Rehab Trainer
Kinesio Taping Practitioner
Norway Redcord Active Introduction Instructor
Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning 3 Stars Instructor
O2 Fitness Certificated Personal Trainer

Friday, July 12, 2013

Eco Friendly Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Eco friendly Yoga Mat is made from natural raw materials such as : natural rubber, jute and cotton.   This series of yoga mat are made from non toxic and no chemical or plasiticizer. It  is also bio-degradable , therefore there is no impact to the eco system. Yoga Mat are safe and innocuous to human body and earth.

Taimat features : Smooth, stable, good grip, non-slip, wonderful support and rebounded resillence, flat on the floor without curl, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, non-glue adhesive processes. Taimat Yoga Mats have no chemical glue or adhesives, absolutely harmless to earth and human bpdies while manicuring and finished products.

Yoga Block * 55



 Global Series

 Melody - Blue

 Melody - Green

 Melody - Purple




Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yoga, Movement & Relaxation With Delamay Devi

14/5/2013 (530-630pm)  Twisting Inwards

15/5/2013 (630 - 830pm) Master Class

16/5/2013 (630 -745pm) Yoga Trance Dance
16/5/2013 (8 - 915pm) Shanti Sadhana

Pass to all classes at RM120
Each Class at RM35
Master Class at RM50

Time Table - April 2013

Time table from April 2013

Class Description

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Zumba Class @ Thursday

This is a simple reminder that our Yogilates class on Thursday 640pm had been reolace by ZUMBA effective from 7/3/2013.

Thank You & Namaste,

Body Rebuild & Rejuvenate Massage Workshop

This workshop, teaches yourself to treat your own   body and know your own body. You will be guided step  
by step with simple and easy to perform meridian massage  by  using roller and yoga blocks. 
 The Workshop is most suitable  to individuals that encounter  issues like : insomnia, stiff neck and shoulder, migraine ,  constant headache, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis. Torticollis (neck pain after sleeping), pinched nerve, double chin, fatigued , short of breath, Hypertension and sleep disorder. 

We will be learning : 
1.-1. Energy Testing.
2.2. Techniques for DIY muscles relaxation. Using props ;blocks and massage roller  
3.  Massage apply on the meridian point and muscles part from fingers, arm, upper body , neck and shoulder for body relaxation.  

A Free roller and a yoga block worth RM70 will be given to all  participants.

自然保健方法–透過瑜伽磚,輪棒, 按摩身體重要 穴位. ,從頭到腳,從手指的放鬆到手臂,肩頸,以及前胸和上背部,解決肩頸等痠痛的困擾
適合有以下困擾者:媽媽手,腱鞘囊腫,電腦手,三 叉神經痛,落枕,扁頭痛,牙關痛,失眠,不會呼吸肌肉緊繃,血壓高,睡眠中止症,雙下巴一般肩頸及上背疼痛的困擾.
1. 能量的了解及测试.
2。學習療癒瑜伽放鬆技巧–透過瑜伽磚,輪棒 按摩身體重要穴位。增进血液循环。 
3. 從手指的放鬆到手臂,肩頸,以及前胸上背部解決肩痠痛困擾
參與的同學會獲贈瑜伽輪棒一支 及50º瑜伽磚 一个(RM70). 
Energy Exchange : RM230 
Date : 16/3/2013 (Saturday)
Time : 10.30am – 1pm
Venue : Yoga Plus 3-28 D'Piazza

Friday, February 15, 2013

108 Rounds of Charity Sun Salutations

Embrace yourself with the two hours charity programe. 108 Sun Salutation brings tons of benefit and energyto body, mind and soul.

Join us in this charitable event. 

Lunch will be provided after the event. Thus pre-Registration is appreciated to avoid wastage of food. Namaste 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Body Rebuild & Rejuvenate Massage

Body Rebuild & Rejuvenate Massage

自然保健方法透過瑜伽磚,輪棒, 按摩身體重要穴位. ,從頭到腳,從手指的放鬆到手臂,肩頸,以及前胸和上背部,解決肩頸等痠痛的困擾.

適合有以下困擾者:媽媽手,腱鞘囊腫,電腦手, 三叉神經痛,落枕,扁頭痛,牙關痛,失眠,不會呼吸肌肉緊繃,血壓高,睡眠中止症,雙下巴  一般人常有腰痛及腿疼的困擾.

適合有以下困擾者: 一般人常有腰痛及腿疼的困擾.

It is  the natural muscles rebuilding method that enhanced  self body awareness This unique action for therapeutic approaches blend in restorative  yoga posture, meridian massage (with roller) and breathwork and used of yoga blocks and roller to massage the effected area.

Neck, Shoulder and Upper Body Massage
Suitable For : People with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Hypertension, Migraine,  tendonitis, arthritis. Torticollis  (neck pain after sleeping),pinched nerve, tennis elbows, golfer arms, hunch back, Jaw pain…. .

Low Back & Legs & Thigh Massage
Suitable for People with all common problems on low back discomfort and legs and knee pain.

*The massage treatment will be open to female only and by appointment.只限于女性.

New Schedule Eff Feb 2013

Time Table ftom February 2013

For a good start of the year, Yoga Plus pleased to announce the new dimension. Our main focus to bring your to a healthier lifestyle. Mr. Naren will be focusing on classes on Iyengar Yoga Tradition, which will be alignment base and suitable to everybody.

Serine will be focus on classes that blend on Therapeutic aspect, energy building , breathe flowing and rejuvenate . 

Wishing everybody a Happy Healthier Year!!!