Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chakra Vinyasa Flow With Matthew Kemp

Inspired by Yogananda’s book “Autobiography of a Yogi” , Matthew moved to India, living in an ashram for 7 years. As yoga became his way of life, he studied many style of yoga asana, including Sivananda style and Asthanga Yoga in Mysore. Kriya yoga meditation became a constant discipline in his life. After studying with many yoga master and developing deeper understanding on yoga, he was urged by his Guru Sri Shankaranan Giri to start teaching yoga.

Matthew has been teaching in Malaysia, England and India for the last 6 years. He still make regular trips to India to build on his knowledge and seek new ways to share what he has learnt to others. His teaching style is a mix of dynamic , strengthening and releasing posture, using the breath to deepen awareness of posture and personal space.

Chakra Vinyasa Flow, is a meditative, yet dynamic, form of yoga using the breath and dristi whilst flowing from pose to pose. Through the vinyasa flow sequence, we will explore the 7 major chakra which will bring the awareness into the individual's chakra system.

Dristi or point of concentration helps us to stay focus and calm the mind during our practice in chakra vinyasa flow. We will be using dristi to focus on the 7 energy centers, which will helps raise our energy levels and deepening our experience during our practice. Although all yoga pose work each of the 7 chakra, there are specific poses that will address each chakra. We will work each chakra at a time connecting the chakras to work with each other and also to open up the energy channels for optimal flow.

Friday 23 July 2010
730 -930pm       Explanation on Chakra and breath
                          Meditation- Opening up the heart with the breath
                          Gentle Flow - Focusing on one chakra per pose
930 - 10pm        Q&A

Saturday 24 July 2010
9am - 1200pm    Chakra Meditation
                          Intermediate Flow - focusing on 2 chakra per pose
                          Blending of energy at chakra point and grounding techniques

1.30-430pm       Intermediate/Dynamic Flow
                          Yoga nidra (the sleep of the yogi)
                          Chakra Meditation
* Alignment will be emphasis throughout the whole session

Fee : RM150 (any one session)
RM410 (all 3 session)

Early Birds by 15 July 2010
RM140 (any 1 session)
RM390 (all 3 session)

To Register : Serine @ 0164583131
Email : plusyoga@gmail.com