Monday, November 28, 2011

Workshop & Advance Master Class with Emily Aiko Katsuno

About Emily
 Emily’s passion for movement has existed for as long as she can remember. She has been dancing since she was six years old first with Ballet, then Flamenco and then formally training in Contemporary Dance gaining a first class BA (hons) degree. She also holds a Post-grad diploma in Performance from her time spent with Transitions Dance Company. Emily started practicing Yoga when she was eighteen to complement her dance training and has since danced in some of the world’s best venues such as the Royal Opera House in London. However her nomadic soul was yearning to travel and continue her study of Yoga. Emily left London behind to deepen her study of Yoga in India and since that moment has integrated travel, dance and yoga to form part of her everyday life. She is inspired by the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa and trained in the Hatha tradition and also fuses dance and yoga into a practice called yogic dance.  Her athletic classes focus on harnessing the power that comes from within us to be soft yet strong in our practise, moving with the grace of a dancer to transition between Asana’s, correct alignment and finally experiencing the freedom and joy that comes from moving the body!  

Yogic Dance  17th Dec 2011 (Saturday)      9.30am – 12.30pm RM120/session
Take your Yoga practice off the mat and learn to dance through set sequences that will travel across the floor,  rotate 360 degree’s, move in and out of the floor and beyond! Sequencing Asana’s together like never before we will learn how to bring the rhythm, grace and power of dance fully into our Yoga practice. Although this workshop will be physically challenging at the heart of this practice is the chance to awaken the freedom and joy within and express that as we dance through the Asana’s. If you have the desire to open your heart and lose yourself in the moment come and enjoy Yogic Dance. This workshop is not for complete beginners.

Advanced Flow Master Class 18th Dec 2011 (Sunday)
9.30 am – 12.30pm.  RM120/session

In this Advanced Flow master class the focus will be on creative sequencing to challenge strength and stamina within the flow. We learn several creative flows’ that will lead us into Advanced Asana’s in the following areas:
-          Advanced Standing Balancing flow
-          Advanced arm balance and inversion
-          Advanced back bending flow
This master class is an excellent opportunity to discover where you can take your own self- practice, develop stamina and strength through creative sequencing and learn the advanced level stages of several asana’s in the above category’s. Come along and enjoy the challenge! 

RM220 for 2 session (Register and paid before 8/12/2011)