Thursday, June 28, 2012

Restorative Yoga

Why you should waste your time stuck in the Friday traffic jam!!!?.  Restorative Yoga as the energy booster for your weekend.

Avoiding the congestion and start your weekend with a class that rejuvenate your mind and body with Restorative Yoga. Focusing on relaxing mind and body with restful yoga asnas (poses), proper breathing and deep relaxation for a total mind and body relaxation.
Gentle stretch to relax the muscles. Props like bolster, blocks, blankets and etc will be used to make yourself comfortable and easy access to the yoga poses.

With various kind of breathing method, helps to energize the body, oxidizes your vain and blood to rejuvenate your body. We might be using some other methods like crystal healing power and sound/singing bowl cleansing in the class for you to maximize the benefits from the relaxations.

We will also be using the universe energy – Reiki,  which will stimulate body and mind to strike for a balance which are beneficial to health and reduces stress related disease.

Every Firday 7 – 8pm by Serine commencing 6/7/2012 .