Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What Is A Yoga Teacher Should Know

6th Oct 08 12.34a.m

I just read an article by Paul Jerard (Director of YTT at Aura Wellness Ctr, Attleboro,MA) about “What Should A Yoga Teacher Know”… Stated there a sentence sounds : -

Demonstrating and correcting Yoga techniques is only part of the job when teaching Yoga classes. A successful Yoga Teacher must communicate with all students throughout the class and keep the passion for Yoga going.” – I strongly agree with that .
I found out that, Yoga Teacher now had been practicing in a diverse ways of what should an Yoga Teacher be from the (Yoga Sutrra) 5 Yamas : Ahimsa – to avoid violence, harming. Which inclusive of injuring ourselves or others in any way. Satya – to be true and honest; Asteya – avoid stealing in any way; Bramacharya - to be free in sensual imprisonment and to live in moderation ; Aparigraha - to be free from greed, wanting, hoarding and avoid being selfish.

These principles are no longer being aware and adopt by Yoga Teachers now a days. Teachers are condemning each other in getting popularity; teach whatever is not know by himself ; attending class today in a center or gym and teaching the same sequence of asanas at another places ???? and some even don’t know how to demonstrate a correct alignment and adjustment, the safety of the student.… Why can it be happened ??’

Just because learning Yoga is a TREND, In things, Oh!! The happening. You did, I did… ; aiming to have a better shape for body (yes, true everybody does)… . How many have forget about the meaning of Yoga – an unity of mind, body and soul. It for the whole body inside out. That’s the reason create for a demand for Yoga Teachers…. Centers start to recruit teachers, its good to have some side income too. That’s why pop out teachers that physically fit to perform all poses (asanas) , good flexibility but with no passion to Yoga. The key ingredients for Yoga has been discounted.

This is my personal view on Yoga trend today as a person that practicing Yoga and treating it as life-long knowledge journey and NOT as the owner of the Yoga center.

This is also not meant to disrespect to Yoga Teachers but is a feeling that Yoga Teachers now lack of passion in Yoga and should be more practice the ethical principles of Yamas and Niyamas.

Please post your comments and views about your experience with your yoga teachers, myself or others (pls don mentioned the name).