Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Iyengar Yoga Workshop

It make sense to move, to build from zero; to acquire understanding, knowledge, memory , subjective experience when learning any subject. But a tru yoga story throw one a further challenge., to move back to zero again!! In order to understand the meaning of this seeming paradox, join Ricardo for a two day workshop where he will give you further information techniques, suggestion and then attempt to make you forget them so that you remain forever to open new boundaries .

Profile of Teacher :- Jorge Ricardo

Original from Portugal, he travel over the world and discovered Yoga in Brazil and became a seeker in India . From 1991 - 2001 he studied Iyengar Yoga intensively under tutelage of Swami Rudradec at the Yoga Studies Center in Rishikesh. At the same time he also practiced Vipasana Meditation in the tradition of Syayagi U Ba Khin, as taught in Sn Goenka.

He began teaching yoga in 2001 in various group, yoga centers and individuals homes to students in India, Portugal, France and Mexico. In the last 4 years he has been living in Malaysia as owner - investor in a company that is leading the dissemination of Iyengar Yoga through out the country. He specialize in giving workshop and hands on advice on fittings yoga center with yoga equipment and wooden props.

Date : 19th & 20th July 2014

19th July 2014
8 - 930am General Class RM40
10am - 1pm - Workshop
2.30 - 530pm - Workshop

20th July 2014 (Sunday)
830 - 11.30am - Workshop

1 - 4pm - Workshop

Fees : RM400 for 2 days workshop before 1st July 2014 with 1 free class)

RM450 for 2 days workshop after 1st July 2014. or

RM120 per single session